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About CALI

CALI Developments is a California-based company that is widely used for various construction services. Our Construction, Architecture, Lending, & Innovative (CALI) program was created for residential clients to utilize our professional services for small repairs to major remodeling.

CALI Developments offers physical locations in Sacramento, Rancho Cucamonga, Brea, and West Covina for clients to visit and receive in-person customer service.

Virtual consultations are another option for meeting. Our resources will help you get quotes in-person for estimates on all your projects without having numerous contractors visit your home.

We offer unsecured financing through our own private lenders to all our residential clients. All applications will be submitted to our private lenders, who offer competitive rates starting at 1.9% on approved credit for all projects managed and performed by CALI Developments or their approved sub-contractors.

With CALI Developments,
expect quality and dependability.

How It Works

Provide comprehensive knowledge on current and future legislation that affect the energy efficiency codes pertaining to the region in which your home resides. emphasize which upgrades fall into line with California energy efficiency standards. Regulations adherent to the 80% carbon emissions reduction plan by 2030 dictate which upgrades that will actually add value to your home, and retain value as the years go by. Helping you make the right choices to future proof your home. We will provide you our professional opinions, not ultimatums. You tell us how we can help you.

Provide quotes for your energy efficiency projects based on price regulations set forth by CALI Developments of California. This eliminates sales commission and moderates inflated profit margins set forth by contractors. All projects will have a licensed contractor selected through your city’s public work department or by CALI Developments  All insurance policies are backed by CALI Developments. This marginalizes the contractor to just an installer. if the contractor were to go out of business, your insurance policy will still be active through the program.

Your local resource center will coordinate all construction and material acquisition. We will offer a turn key project from start to finish and even help you qualify for financing if you need assistance. All financing is done through our third party affiliates. This includes private banks and investors. Private financing is acquired through our third party affiliates and are not related to CALI Developments  we only offer financing acquisition advice. Your CALI Developments resource center will be your project manager for all your construction needs. 

Services Offered 


CALI Developments takes an active approach in design review, working with your budget, if needed, review engineering plans, all while providing accurate estimates during the design phase
Interior designing: At this stage we are planning and designing what the client has in mind. Now is the time to implement a strategic plan, schedule, budget, provide material samples, budgets, and finalizing drawings and specifications of architectural plans and construction administration.
Architectural designing: Our in-house architect creates design plans that focus on components or elements of a structure. She works with space and elements to create a coherent and functional structure. Throughout this process, she will meet with clients to discuss a project’s requirements and budget, creating layouts, and ensuring that the blueprints comply with regulations.
Engineering: Our construction engineers manage the planning and design stage of your construction projects. They carefully evaluate the structural, electrical, and mechanical condition of each project to ensure that they are up to municipal codes and regulations.

Permitting & Site Inspections

As an experienced construction management firm, our Operations staff will be responsible for coordinating all activities with your local County/City agencies.

Customer Service

Our professional Operations team will manage your project every step of the way and coordinate around your schedule to keep you updated. Receive real-time updates from material acquisition to signed off permit inspections from your city.

Financial Planning

With our financial division, we help find private financial planning and reporting services on all aspects of the project using finance management tools developed specifically for your CALI Developments projects. Our third party financing is a separate entity, independent of CALI Developments. They are facilitated through the contractors that we assign and administered by our providers. All applications are submitted to our private lenders who offer very competitive rates for all projects managed by us and performed by our reputable contractors.


Project Management

We manage your projects from start to finish. Meticulous planning and coordination from our operations team ensure a quicker job with less mistakes.

Our Operations team will coordinate with your schedule to set dates, schedule inspections, pull the necessary permits for your project and communicate with you throughout your construction project. CALI Development’s qualified professionals function as the owner’s representative to coordinate and schedule the operations of a single general contractor or multiple trade subcontractors. 

Our professionals manage all the construction-related elements of the project, including advice and recommendations during planning, design, and construction, for the purpose of controlling time, cost, and quality. We maintain all records and actively manage the bid construction process.




Project Completion

We coordinate the project documents and submittals to ensure completion with compliance. We excel in meeting the project closeout requirements and have a great track record for timely closeout on all projects. Finally, we provide all permits, financial documents and invoices that may be needed for tax purposes.

CALI In-House Funding Programs

We guide you every step of the way to give you the best experience for your project. Using our own private financing affiliates we can offer:

  • No early payment penalties and only pay for interest that has already accrued.
  • 0% interest during promotional period.
  • Low fixed interest rate with no escalator.
  • No liens added to your home or building.

CALI Developments

CALI Developments is widely used in the design and construction management service field in in California. CALI manages numerous contractors. The program is a service we offer for residential clients to utilize our professional resources for interior designing, architectural plans, engineering blueprints, material acquisition, contractor assignment, scheduling and coordinating, city inspection hosting, and financing acquisition. 

Our discounted rates from many manufacturers and material distributors reduce the costs of remodeling while guaranteeing quality, customer service and reliable contractors. We want to ease your mind and make your construction project as smooth as possible, no worries, no hassle. 

CALI Developments functions as a a full service construction management firm. We have managed numerous construction projects and consider ourselves experts in helping manage the renovation and expansion of residential assets.

Financing with CALI

Administered by a CALI Provider through our signed Contractors. We are not part of nor affiliated directly with any of our financing lenders; but will help applicants in asset verification and application qualification. All our resources are still available at no charge if you apply through our assigned CALI Developments Contractors.

  • Low interest rates (regardless of credit score)
  • Fixed rates
  • Spread cost over life of product (up to 25 years)
  • Promotional loan products available

Some Reasons to Work Together

Products may be tax deductible

Consult your tax advisor to see if your home qualifies you for potential tax benefits.

High Product Standards

All products installed by CALI are required to meet certain performance standards

Flexible terms and fixed rates

Rates for CALI financing are locked in so there's no surprises. Funding can be paid in flexible term lengths, of 5-25 years based on the nature of your project. Also, there's no early payment penalties, so finish whenever you want.

"No hassle, no worries,
remodeling with CALI"

You will be taken care every step of the way. Call us today for a hassle-free consultation. No commitment is necessary to speak to a CALI Developments representative, we do not charge you for our consultation services. We understand how expensive and frustrating it can become to begin a construction project. Let us take care of you with quotes, material selections, financing options, and contractor assignments.

Find out which financing options are best for you. Energy efficiency upgrades have different investors with promotional rates than general remodeling projects. We will guide you to the easiest and most affordable options. We will take care of all the permitting, site inspections, and construction as well as distributing all funds accordingly from your selected lender. CALI takes all necessary steps to avoid mechanic’s liens from material distributors or contractors. 


All inclusive program backed insurance


Dedicated professionals for turn key projects


State Licensed, Bonded and Professional


No money down. Fixed rates Tax deductible

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