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Detached ADU

An independent structure separate from the primary dwelling with the look and feel of a house, just on a smaller scale. Includes full amenities. It will need its own sewer, water, electrical and other components. Cordoning off an area of the yard where the ADU is built will create more separation and dedicated access for whomever is occupying the unit. Larger sized options of this type of ADU may result in higher rental income. Makes a great living space for extended family.


Converting your existing attached or detached garage into livable space is an effective way to exploit your property's full potential. Although the size of the ADU is limited to the footprint of the existing garage, converting a garage into an ADU can be a big cost saver and is a win-win proposition that will allow you to turn underutilized space into long-term equity in your home.


A converted existing interior space such as an attic or basement that is fully integrated into the existing structure. The walls of the ADU are all shared with the primary dwelling. They might require plumbing and ventilation for the separate kitchen and bath. Most often, they share utility service and mechanical appliances with the main unit. These units are the most common ADU homes.

Attached ADU

A unit attached to your existing home or garage that share at least one wall with the primary structure. The ADU generally will make use of the water and energy connections of the primary house. Includes full amenities. It needs to have a completely separate entryway from the main dwelling. Attached ADUs typically cost a lot less to build and are ideal for smaller or compact lots where space is at a premium.


Depending on the condition of the garage, building an above-the-garage ADU can cost double the price of a simple garage conversion, but adding an ADU above a typical two-car garage is a great way to add habitable space and rental income potential to your property, while keeping your vehicles and other storage underneath.


Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) are exactly as the name implies, a smaller version of a Single Family ADU with a few noted restrictions. It must be erected within a proposed or existing single family dwelling or accessory structure such as a detached garage or carport. Most often, they share utility service and mechanical appliances with the main unit. These units are the most common ADU homes.

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