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Specializes in building design, structural design, civil design, residential and commercial design, and plan checking. Our residential expertise for single and multi family homes includes home additions, home remodeling, custom homes, hillside homes and deck designs. Our commercial structural engineering experience includes designing hospitals, schools, and hotels.


The conceptual phase is where we imagine and illustrate potential projects to show you what we can do. The design phase is when you would see the basic renderings or sketches of what the end project would look like. Many things can change during this stage and in order to better grasp what needs to be done, one should often refer to research found in the conceptual phase. 


After deciding on the general idea, the rough sketches are adjusted with careful measurements and calculations to make sure they can be reproduced. The Structural plan makes sure that the integrity of the concept and the feasibility of the project are solid before moving forward in the next phase. Once you’ve finalized the structure’s design and it’s been approved by your local authorities, you’ll need permits to make sure that your future building or home complies with all relevant codes. 


Permitting is an important process that can take up quite a bit of time. CALI will handle the annoying process of pulling and filling permits; we’ll make it easier for you to focus on the big picture. If you are looking to get your project approved, you will need to go through permitting first. Permits are essential for protecting the longevity of the property and making sure that everything meets regulation. 


Members from the operations team will take care of the stakeholders and guide them throughout the project. They will also be in charge of any tasks that need to be done, both large and small. You’ll never have to worry about a break-down in communication with our team on the job. 

“Rest Easy knowing you’re in good hands”


All inclusive program backed insurance


Dedicated professionals for turn key projects


State Licensed, Bonded and Professional


No money down. Fixed rates Tax deductible

Custom Designed Upgrades for your home.

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