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Why you're in good hands
with CALI

We treat our customers with the utmost priority!

Insurance Policy:

All insurance policies are backed by the program instead of the contractors. This provides security for CALI participants because if a contractor should go out of business, your insurance policy is still active. All CALI contracts are recorded in your local county recorders office and can be accessed at later times.

Contractors must provide insurance and warranties for all projects they perform work. However, as an additional safeguard, CALI Developments will also enforce all insurance policies for their full warranty duration. All Home Improvement Contracts, “HIC”, are inspected and altered by a CALI Compliance Officer to make sure contractor agreements adhere to CALI policies and standards.

Project Management:

CALI Developments implements meticulous protocols for each type of project managed through our offices. Price regulation is managed through our certified branches and not through contractors. This insures that contractors cannot alter or inflate pricing. Partnering with local private agencies, our professional staff will manage your entire project for you from start to finish. There are no costs for our services when participating through our program. Such amenities of using CALI Developments are as follows:

  • All Engineering is covered through in house services.
  • We acquire all necessary permits with expedited timeframes.
  • Coordinate all inspections between your assigned contractor, your city inspector, and yourself if needed.
  • Record all necessary documents to your county recorder office.
  • Maintain open communication and provide updates on your projects’ progress.
  • Distribute funds when necessary to all parties involved.
  • Monitor your project’s milestones and ensure an efficient timeframe.
  • Make sure your project is fully completed, and if necessary, register with local utilities.
  • Provide a completion packet filled with all detailed information on all your projects.

Premium Contractors:

All contractors are provided from our pool of prequalified contractors based on their availability for quick installations. Prerequisites for becoming a CALI preferred contractor:

  • Minimum B general construction license is necessary to become a CALI preferred contractor.
  • All contractors must be licensed and bonded through the state of California.
  • All contractors must have been in business no less than 5 years.
  • All general liability insurances and workers compensation insurances must be current.
  • Additional training courses to become CALI Certified must be completed in person at CALI headquarters in Sacramento.
  • Must participate in virtual inspections throughout projects to adhere to both.
  • State and CALI standards for high quality workmanship.

Optional Funding:

All financing is provided through private investors partnered with the contractors that we provide. Since banks aren’t easily lending money right now, we are happy to let you know that our investors are eager to finance our CALI projects. CALI Developments is a private agency for residents of California and is not affiliated with Property Assessed Clean Energy financing which adds liens on your property. All of our financing partners provide unsecured funding for our Construction, Architecture, Lending, & Innovative (CALI) Developments participants.

  • No money down
  • Financing for credit scores as low as 500 with approved DTI
  • Interest rates as low as 2.9% for approved credit
  • No interest & no payments for up to 18 months on approved credit and projects
  • No payments until 30 days after work is completed regardless of credit score
  • No early payment penalties 

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